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The BMW 1 Series

From £24,600

The BMW 1 Series is as moving as life itself. This striking and classic BMW 1 Series embodies everything that BMW stands for, from a solid build quality to stunning interiors, and an all round thrilling ride. This an example of ultimate driving pleasure. Nothing less than a smooth, dynamic and inspiring driving experience.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
118i Sport 5 DoorMineral White£26,740.00£2,139.20£24,600.80
120i Sport 5 DoorGlacier Silver£29,290.00£2,343.20£26,946.80
118i M Sport Shadow Edition 5 DoorAlpine White£29,635.00£2,370.80£27,264.20
118i M Sport Shadow Edition 5 DoorBlack Sapphire£30,020.00£2,401.60£27,618.40
118d Sport 5 DoorMineral Grey£30,125.00£2,410.00£27,715.00
118i M Sport Shadow Edition 5 DoorMineral Grey£31,055.00£2,484.40£28,570.60
120i M Sport Shadow EditionEstoril Blue£31,935.00£2,554.80£29,380.20

The BMW 2 Series

From £29,890

The BMW 2 Series models are built for excitement. From the exhilaration of the Coupé and Convertible to the family-friendly capabilities of the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, they all let you enjoy the drive, no matter what the journey. When you take your seat, there’s only way to go – straight ahead. This is the car that puts exhilaration into the everyday.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
218d Sport Gran TourerImperial Blue Xirallic£32,490.00£2,599.20£29,890.80
218d Sport Active TourerMineral Grey£34,575.00£2,766.00£31,809.00
230i M Sport CoupeEstoril Blue£37,260.00£2,980.80£34,279.20

The BMW 3 Series

From £40,415

The BMW 3 Series is nothing less than exceptional. With flowing lines, sporting DNA and wealth of cutting-edge technology, it delivers a class-leading drive. The TwinPower Turbo engine provides an impressive performance and improved suspension gives a more dynamic driving experience. The BMW 3 Series truly takes driving pleasure to new heights.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
320d M Sport SaloonAlpine White£40,415.00£0.00£40,415.00
320d M Sport SaloonBlack Sapphire£40,765.00£0.00£40,765.00
320d M Sport SaloonMineral Grey£42,425.00£0.00£42,425.00
320d M Sport SaloonPortimao Blue£43,465.00£0.00£43,465.00
320d xDrive M Sport SaloonPortimao Blue£44,465.00£0.00£44,465.00
320d M Sport SaloonMineral White£45,165.00£0.00£45,165.00
330d M Sport Shadow EditionMineral Grey£48,030.00£0.00£48,030.00
335d xDrive M SportBlack Sapphire£48,295.00£0.00£48,295.00

The BMW 4 Series

From £35,962

The BMW 4 Series models guarantee stirring driving experiences with their thrilling blend of breath-taking athleticism, dynamic design and exclusive comfort. The front end of the BMW 4 Series models redefines the benchmark for good design. It is equally impressive from the rear with a solidly resolute stance, defined by the substantial bumper and integral exhaust pipes.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
420i Sport CoupeBlack Sapphire£39,090.00£3,127.20£35,962.80
420d Sport Gran CoupeImperial Blue Xirallic£41,665.00£3,333.20£38,331.80
430i M Sport CoupeSnapper Rocks Blue£41,910.00£3,352.80£38,557.20
420i M Sport ConvertibleBlack Sapphire£46,805.00£3,744.40£43,060.60
430d M Sport Gran CoupeMineral Grey£47,320.00£3,785.60£43,534.40
420d M Sport ConvertibleMineral Grey£47,625.00£3,810.00£43,815.00
430d xDrive M Sport CoupeMineral Grey£49,100.00£3,928.00£45,172.00

The BMW 5 Series

From £53,084

Its mission statement: setting new standards. The BMW 5 Series is the embodiment of the modern business vehicle. Thanks to its dynamic and elegant appearance, the BMW 5 Series convincingly meets the expectations that are placed on a vehicle of its class: aesthetic athleticism and driving pleasure with state-of-the-art technology.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
530d xDrive M Sport SaloonMediterranean Blue£57,700.00£4,616.00£53,084.00
540i xDrive M Sport SaloonBluestone£66,590.00£5,327.20£61,262.80

The BMW 6 Series

From £49,873

The BMW 6 Series means business with exceptional comfort and style; it effortlessly blends pure luxury and sporting grace. Power, style and intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive technology seamlessly link the driver, vehicle and outside world, offering a truly exceptional driving experience on short or long journeys alike.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
630i GT M SportCarbon Black£54,210.00£4,336.80£49,873.20

The BMW 7 Series

From £82,326

Discover Flawless craftsmanship. Luxury design. Technological Innovation. The BMW 7 Series has it all. It’s a window into the future of luxury car design, combining advanced technology and precision engineering with visionary design. Powerful yet understated, dynamic yet elegant, and moulded with the most luxurious materials. It's complete driving pleasure, and is unmistakably BMW.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
740d xDrive M SportMagellan Grey£89,485.00£7,158.80£82,326.20
740Ld xDrive M Sport SaloonCarbon Black£100,890.00£8,071.20£92,818.80

The BMW X1

From £31,997

The BMW X1 brings a spirit of freedom to every day. It provides the space and flexibility to be a vital part of the most adventurous lifestyles, and the presence to turn heads wherever it goes. With its broad, confident stance and strikingly athletic features, it is unmistakably a member of the ‘X’ family. It leads the way in efficiency and has always set the benchmark for premium versatility.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
X1 sDrive 18i xLineBlack Sapphire£34,780.00£2,782.40£31,997.60
X1 sDrive20i M SportBlack Sapphire£36,720.00£2,937.60£33,782.40
X1 sDrive 20i M SportMineral Grey£37,010.00£2,960.80£34,049.20
X1 xDrive20d M SportBlack Sapphire£38,030.00£3,042.40£34,987.60
X1 xDrive20d M SportAtlantic Grey£38,210.00£3,056.80£35,153.20
X1 xDrive20d M SportBlack Sapphire£39,185.00£3,134.80£36,050.20

The BMW X3

From £41,455

Featuring brand new engines, enhanced design features, innovative technologies and a generous specification, the BMW X3 is an advocate for unlimited opportunity. Thanks to its agile dynamics and intelligent technology, it promises an unrivalled ride experience. The BMW X3 is also available with a host of optional ultra-modern driver assistance systems, such as the useful optional Driving Assistant Plus.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
X3 xDrive 20i M SportCarbon Black£45,060.00£3,604.80£41,455.20
X3 xDrive 20d M SportAlpine White£45,700.00£3,656.00£42,044.00
X3 xDrive 20d M SportBlack Sapphire£46,075.00£3,686.00£42,389.00
X3 M40dPhytonic Blue£57,030.00£4,562.40£52,467.60
X3 M40iBlack Sapphire£57,245.00£4,579.60£52,665.40
X3 M40dSophistico Grey Xirallic£58,000.00£4,640.00£53,360.00
X3 M40dSophistico Grey Xirallic£58,000.00£4,640.00£53,360.00
X3 M40iPhytonic Blue£58,105.00£4,648.40£53,456.60
X3 M40iPhytonic Blue£58,795.00£4,703.60£54,091.40
X3 M40iBlack Sapphire£59,765.00£4,781.20£54,983.80

The BMW X4

From £48,792

It’s time to take your passion for driving even further. Discover the new BMW X4, ready for your next adventure. No matter what challenges lay ahead, the BMW X4 is ready to take them on. It boasts a new wider stance for superior handling and first-class driving dynamics, as well as an innovative lightweight construction.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
X4 xDrive20d M Sport XBlack Sapphire£53,035.00£4,242.80£48,792.20
X4 xDrive20d M Sport XCarbon Black£53,315.00£4,265.20£49,049.80
X4 xDrive30d M SportCarbon Black£54,280.00£4,342.40£49,937.60
X4 xDrive30d M SportPhytonic Blue£54,725.00£4,378.00£50,347.00
X4 xDrive30d M SportBlack Sapphire£55,220.00£4,417.60£50,802.40
X4 xDrive30d M SportPhytonic Blue£56,210.00£4,496.80£51,713.20

The BMW X5

From £63,040

The BMW X5 has been specifically designed to offer you both form and function with a high level of standard specification. This includes Dakota leather upholstery, heated seats and Park Distance Control, providing you with nothing less than a superior driving experience during every journey. The dynamic design and standard 20-inch light alloy wheels just add to its striking presence.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
X5 xDrive30d M SportMineral White£63,040.00£0.00£63,040.00
X5 xDrive30d M SportMineral White£65,035.00£0.00£65,035.00
X5 xDrive30d M SportBlack Sapphire£67,265.00£0.00£67,265.00
X5 xDrive30d M SportBlack Sapphire£67,385.00£0.00£67,385.00
X5 xDrive30d M SportArctic Grey£69,760.00£0.00£69,760.00

The BMW M2

From £37,218

The BMW M2 is a sports car that changes every road. It delivers a combination of top sporting prowess and classic rear-wheel drive with the precision and agility of a modern M automobile, and that’s not all. The M TwinPower bi-Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine goes from 0 to 62mph in just 4.2 seconds (with optional M DCT transmission).

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
M240iAlpine White£40,455.00£3,236.40£37,218.60
M240iBlack Sapphire£41,190.00£3,295.20£37,894.80
M2 Competition CoupeBlack Sapphire£56,085.00£0.00£56,085.00

The BMW M4

From £65,131

The M4 has been created to take on those high-speed bends, master perfect drifts and all those long straights in between. The design focusses on the driver with a high-grip steering wheel that places responsive shift paddles within a finger’s reach. This high performing model is purely engineered to set your pulse racing, and has a single goal: to create the perfect harmony of chassis, power, transmission and steering.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
M4 Competition PackageSan Marino Blue£70,795.00£5,663.60£65,131.40
M4 Competition PackageSan Marino Blue£71,665.00£5,733.20£65,931.80

The BMW M5

From £92,335

Elegantly shaped and more powerful than ever. It’s the BMW M5. The new generation of this exceptional model is a statement of supreme engineering skill and innovative driving intelligence. With its eight-speed M Steptronic transmission, the BMW M5 is ready to move. It further includes the first ever carbon roof on a BMW M5.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
M5 Competition SaloonMarina Bay Blue£100,365.00£8,029.20£92,335.80
M5 Competition SaloonMarina Bay Blue£102,375.00£8,190.00£94,185.00
M5 Competition SaloonBlack Sapphire£103,410.00£8,272.80£95,137.20

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